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With our professional and experienced movers, the stress of interstate moving is eliminated. Our crew will make sure that your items are prepared for a successful move to Philadelphia from Boston. We offer not only 24-hour relocation but also packing services so you can be assured everything arrives safely at its destination!

Know before moving from Boston to Philadelphia

You're moving soon and you would like to save time, money, and energy. As a result of your careful planning with our experienced team's help, we can get the job done for an affordable price that is well worth it!

We understand how important saving both time and money are on this big day so let us take care of packing up all those boxes - trust us when we say there will be less stress involved in getting everything labeled correctly before they arrive. We know what needs to happen under every circumstance as well as some tips from past customers who have had successful moves from Boston to Philadelphia by hiring Move and Care movers.

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How does the moving process work?

Moving from Boston to Philadelphia? The process is simple and doesn't require a lot of involvement on your part which means you'll have plenty of time left over for finishing up business before moving.

First, get in touch with us and we will give you an estimated quote without requiring any visual estimate - this usually only takes about 5 minutes! After booking our services, just sit back while the movers do all the work; they are experts at what they do after years of working as professionals!

How much does it cost to move from Boston to Philly?

Moving is a process that many people have to go through at one time or another. Costs can vary depending on the day of the move and moving size, but an average flat rate for Boston-Philadelphia moves will be around $2000 which includes tolls, gas usage, protection materials, insurance, and equipment use like trucks. We don't have any hidden fees!

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What our Customers Are Saying

Katie S.

Good Experience

We used Move & Care for two moves 14 months apart from one another, and both times, we had good experiences.

Jason P.


They are some of the friendliest and professional people I ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They are very organized and very efficient.

Xin Z.


Alex and Vlad were very experienced and professional. Especially, very friendly. I am very glad I had them to help me move.