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Please note, this quote is just an estimate and provided for your convenience only. We give you a database average for generally similar moves. It is best to consider this a thinking tool. However: your final cost is based on hourly rate and actual time your move will take. Additional time may be required if your move involves long walks from your apartment to the truck, narrow hallways and/or tight staircases, disassembling and reassembling of furniture, hoisting, moving of oversized, antiques items, ones with glass and/or marble, appliances move and items over 300lb. It is important to understand, that the move time will also depend on how well you are packed and organized: all drawers of all the furniture must be emptied, and all miscellaneous items packed neatly into moving boxes of correct sizes.

Requesting Availability

Once you will submit availability request, you will have additional options to describe your move. Our support team member will update existing estimate with more precise one, based on your unique move details, and will let you know our current availability.

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Long Distance

Your origin/destination address is more than 150 miles from Boston, MA. For all moves with a distance greater than 150 miles we use flat rate pricing system. In order to provide you with a quote and availability we require the following information:

-Pictures or inventory of items to be moved
-Preferred pick-up and delivery dates
-Origin/destination address descriptions: long walks, stairs, etc.

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