Tips on Hoisting Items During a Move


Have you seen those videos on the internet of people trying to move a couch through a second-story window? Have you ever watched one and thought, “Hey, that’s a really great idea, I’m sure this will turn out well”? No? There’s a good reason for that—hoisting furniture is not something to attempt cavalierly and leads to injury and property damage when done incorrectly. 



We at Move and Care are professional movers who have experience manually hoisting furniture through windows, and let us tell you this—the first time to try hoisting a couch is not when it’s your couch, your window, or your security deposit at stake. We know what we’re doing, we’ve performed the techniques, and we take all necessary precautions against damage and injury. Let us spell it out, just in case you’re feeling ambitious: Please don’t try hoisting furniture on your own. 


We use a team of at least three experienced crew members for all hoisting maneuvers. We wrap the furniture being lifted, pad the access point, and use extra-heavy-duty straps to carefully wrangle the item into (or out of) the home. We also have insurance. For everybody’s safety and peace of mind, leave furniture hoisting to the pros—it’s literally our job, and we do it well.


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