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Moving a piano is a special challenge. At Move and Care, we understand the importance of pianos to their owners. Pianos are more than simply heavy and huge; they've emotional value and are often passed down through generations.

🌟 Basic insurance is included by default into your move with our piano movers.

Our piano moving service makes a speciality of careful and safe relocation. We aim to keep the legacy of your piano intact. With our know-how and precision, we make certain a clean move. whether your piano is moving throughout the street or to any other state, we handle it with care.

🔒📜 Move with Confidence: Our moving company is fully licensed and insured.

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Move and Care is a professional moving company that provides the full range of services you need for your move. More than 2500 reviews say more about us than we can write ourselves.

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Move and Care has managed to become one of the best moving companies. Our company is based in three locations: Boston; Austin and Charlotte. All of our services apply to these cities and nearby cities. If you are moving from other locations, please contact us and ask around. Chances are we can organize your move!

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Choosing Move and Care for your move means entrusting your relocation to experienced hands committed to easing your moving journey, every step of the way.

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We can legally carry out moves of any type and any distance. All our licenses: USDOT #3212621; MC #1018431; NCUC #C-3067; TXDMV #009636518C.

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Our service is characterized by great flexibility. Therefore, we can easily adjust to your budget and needs through customization of services.

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We cover the entire moving process. If you want to turn a stressful event into a journey, choose Move and Care.

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Basic insurance is included in our services by default. Packing is handled by professionals and our tractors are also equipped with GPS tracking sensors.

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Move and Care has many reviews, all licenses and various awards. Our journey in business has been through many satisfied customers, thousands of packed items, and successful long distance moves. All this is accompanied by the strengthening of our reputation in different locations.

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Choose Move and Care for a hassle-free, personalized moving experience. Our dedicated teams, transparent pricing, and a range of comprehensive services ensure your transition is smooth, no matter the distance or location.

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Types of Pianos


The upright and spinet pianos are two of the most popular sorts found in houses because they are small and adaptable. They're a few of the less difficult pianos to transport thanks to their design. If the proper methods are used, two expert movers should be enough; however, for maximum protection and effectiveness, a three-person team is suggested.


The massive length and sound of the grand piano each demonstrate its grandeur. It takes careful making plans to move an instrument as majestic as this one. Four movers at least are vital. It is inevitable to disassemble a few elements, and expert gear are required. It is crucial to take into account that comparable transferring necessities observe to other forms of grand pianos, together with live performance or infant grand pianos.


Electric powered and digital pianos nevertheless require careful coping with, despite the fact that their cutting-edge designs may additionally lead them to seem easier to transport. on the grounds that some of their digital components can be delicate, it's far critical to ensure they are safeguarded throughout the transfer.

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Truck loading and unloading
Loading and Unloading
We will load into the truck and unload at a new place all of your items.
Gas, Tolls
Our moving company rates include all the charges, no hidden fees.
Dedicated Manager
Dedicated Manager
Our deicated manager will walk you through the whole moving process.
Moving Delivery
Our Company makes sure all of your belongins are safe during delivery.
Moving Insurance
Moving Insurance
Insurance coverage help save your items from unexpected damages.
Moving Insurance
Assemble and Disassemble
We make sure your furniture is Assembled and Disassembled.


The safety of your piano is our top priority. We utilize specialized equipment, such as piano skids, ramps, and padding, to protect every part of the instrument. Our trained movers also employ techniques to secure the piano in our moving vehicle, ensuring it remains stationary during transit.
While our team will handle the majority of the preparations, we recommend removing any loose items or sheet music from the piano. If your piano has a lock, please ensure it's unlocked to prevent any damage to the lid or keys.
Moving a piano through stairs or tight spaces requires careful planning and expertise. Our team will assess the situation and determine the safest approach, whether it involves using specialized equipment, additional manpower, or temporarily removing obstacles.
Pianos are sensitive instruments, and moving them can sometimes affect their tuning. While we take every precaution to minimize disturbances, we recommend having your piano tuned by a professional after it's settled in its new location.
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