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Welcome to Move and Care Moving Company, where we offer a compassionate and comprehensive Senior Moving Service designed to ease the transition into a new home. We understand that moving at a later stage in life can be more than just physically challenging; it can be an emotional journey. That's why our dedicated team approaches every move with a blend of warmth, respect, and professionalism.

Our Senior Moving Service is more than just a process; it's a personal experience tailored to meet the specific needs and comforts of our senior clients. We handle every detail with care, ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. From downsizing to unpacking, we provide the support and guidance needed every step of the way.

At Move and Care, we're not just moving belongings; we're moving lives. Let us help you transition to your new beginning with the care and dignity you deserve.

Senior Moving
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Choosing Move and Care for your move means entrusting your relocation to experienced hands committed to easing your moving journey, every step of the way.
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Over the years, Move and Care has achieved a hallmark of trust and excellence in the moving industry. Our journey is adorned with satisfied customers, successful long-distance relocations, and a strong reputation in various locales. Each milestone motivates us to continue delivering seamless and reliable moving services, making every transition a memorable, stress-free experience for our clients.


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Choose Move and Care for a hassle-free, personalized moving experience. Our dedicated teams, transparent pricing, and a range of comprehensive services ensure your transition is smooth, no matter the distance or location.

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Why Senior Moving Services?

Moving in one's golden years carries unique challenges and emotional complexities. At Move and Care, we recognize that senior moving services must go beyond the physical act of transporting items. It's about providing a service that's as attentive to emotional needs as it is to logistical details. Our senior moving services are designed to:

  • Ease the Emotional Load: We offer a compassionate ear and a steady hand throughout the upheaval of change, ensuring that the emotional well-being of our clients is held in the highest regard.
  • Assist with Downsizing: Understanding that a lifetime of memories may need to be sorted and possibly downsized, we provide thoughtful assistance to help make these decisions easier.
  • Ensure Comfort and Familiarity: We strive to recreate the comfort and familiarity of the previous residence in the new home, making the transition as seamless as possible.
  • Address Health and Mobility Concerns: Our team is trained to handle the specific health and mobility concerns that may come with age, ensuring a safe and comfortable move.

Our Senior Moving Process

Our process is crafted to provide a gentle, respectful, and thorough moving experience for our senior clients:

  1. Consultation and Personalized Planning: Every move begins with a personal consultation to understand individual needs and preferences. We create a tailored moving plan that outlines every detail, from timelines to special considerations.

  2. Gentle Packing Services: Our packing process is done with the utmost care, using specialized materials and techniques to protect belongings, with particular attention given to cherished items.

  3. Safe and Secure Transportation: We ensure that all items are transported safely, using vehicles equipped with features to secure and protect during the journey.

  4. Thoughtful Unpacking and Setup: Upon arrival, we carefully unpack and arrange items in a way that feels familiar and comfortable, paying special attention to the placement of beloved items.

  5. Extended Support and Coordination: Our service doesn't end when the boxes are unpacked. We offer extended support to help with additional needs, such as setting up services in the new home or coordinating with senior living facilities.

With Move and Care, every step is taken to provide a peaceful and positive moving experience, allow our senior clients to look forward to the memories they will create in their new homes.

What you get for with us?

Truck loading and unloading
Loading and Unloading
We will load into the truck and unload at a new place all of your items.
Gas, Tolls
Our moving company rates include all the charges, no hidden fees.
Dedicated Manager
Dedicated Manager
Our deicated manager will walk you through the whole moving process.
Moving Delivery
Our Company makes sure all of your belongins are safe during delivery.
Moving Insurance
Moving Insurance
Insurance coverage help save your items from unexpected damages.
Moving Insurance
Assemble and Disassemble
We make sure your furniture is Assembled and Disassembled.


Yes, our network ensures we can manage both local and long-distance moves with the same level of care and efficiency.
Simply fill out our move request form, and one of our Senior Moving Advisors will get in touch to guide you through the process.
Absolutely, we offer competitive rates without compromising on our specialized senior moving services.
Yes, we provide full setup services to make the new space feel like home from day one.
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