How much does it cost to move from Boston to San Francisco

Moving from Boston to San Francisco can be a very expensive undertaking. This article will explore the costs associated with moving from Boston to San Francisco, how much it will cost you in total, and what factors contribute to these high mover costs.

Boston vs San Francisco living

Both Boston and San Francisco are great cities to live in, each with its own unique charms. If you're trying to decide which city to call home, here are some of the pros and cons of living in each one:


- Pro: Excellent public transportation. If you don't have a car, you can easily get around the city using the subway, bus, and trolley systems.

- Pro: A strong sense of community. Bostonians tend to be very friendly and supportive of one another, which makes for a close-knit community.

- Con: Expensive housing prices. Boston is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the country to live in.

San Francisco:

- Pro: A high quality of life. San Francisco is widely considered one of the best cities in America to live in, with excellent weather, an abundance of unique entertainment options, and a rich cultural heritage.

- Con: Strong regional income inequality. While the city's median household income is $75000, there are many residents who make much less than that and struggle to pay for housing and food while still affording other basics like healthcare.

What mover costs should you expect?

When moving from Boston to San Francisco, mover costs will depend on how far your new home is from public transportation routes (or if it's even accessible via public transportation). Another factor that affects mover costs is how large or how heavy you've decided to make your movers pack. If you're interested in saving money and reducing mover costs, we recommend keeping mover packs as light as possible by donating unwanted items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and limiting mover packing material strictly to mover boxes.

What is the average cost of moving from Boston to SF?

It will cost $8000-$12000 on average to move from Boston to San Francisco. The long-distance moving service for a one-bedroom apartment from Boston to San Francisco averages $10000 total with Move and Care Movers. This cost includes all charges such as gas, tolls, labor and etc.

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