It would be nice to be able to move your dresser and all its contents in one fell swoop, right? Simply leave your clothes in their drawers, plop the dresser on the truck, and haul it off to your new home. It would save time, in theory, and make the final unpacking all the easier—but unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work out that way in practice. We recommend that you always empty your dresser before a move, and we’ve got a couple of good reasons why. 


A set of drawers full of...well, sets of drawers, is usually a lot heavier than you might expect. While maneuvering an empty dresser out of a house or apartment is pretty straightforward, adding a significant amount of extra weight makes the process far more physically taxing than it needs to be, and amplifies the chances of personal injury (or damage to property). 

Speaking of damage to property: In our experience, most dressers are simply not built to be moved while full of items. Multiple people wrangling a full dresser around corners, down flights of stairs, and through doorways can cause stress on the piece’s joints, which more often than not can lead to damage and structural instability. 

Removing your clothes (from the dresser, not your person) may seem like a pointless extra step, but trust us: This is an instance where “a stitch in time saves nine.” Empty your dresser before you try to move it to avoid back strain, crushed knuckles, and the need to find a new dresser in a new city.


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