How to Protect Your TV During a Move


Maybe you’re one of those people that “doesn’t really watch TV.” “But I don’t,” you say, defiantly—“everything’s streaming these days, I just use my laptop.” Okay, fine—but we’re willing to bet that if you have a television, you’d actually be pretty upset if anything happened to it during your move. 


Preparing a television for a move is a matter of weighing risk and cost-efficiencies. Some people will recommend a custom-built crate to protect the TV from any and everything—but we’ll be blunt: a crate is usually overkilled unless you’ve got a massive and hyper-expensive screen you want to protect at all costs (and it will cost—custom crating is a spendy process that adds hundreds to your moving bill). 

For the vast majority of televisions, a few properly-applied moving blankets, wrapped with packing tape, is all that is needed to keep a TV in tip-top shape during the moving process. Efficient, and cost-effective—provided your movers know how to properly pack that snuggled-up television into the moving truck to minimize jostling in transit. At Move and Care, we treat your TV the same way we’d treat our own (and we’re not ashamed to admit just how much we like binge-watching in our downtime).


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