Tips on How to Load a Dolly Properly


Alright, we don’t want to brag, but we consider ourselves to be masters of the four-wheeled dolly. A dolly, hand truck, or similar contraption is a must-have for anyone hoping to move a lot of stuff as efficiently as possible—and we’ve got the process down pat. 

The main difference between a hand truck and a dolly is their construction and maximum moving capacity. A hand truck has two wheels and a long vertical section with handles and can be used to move a stack of boxes in one fell swoop. A dolly, on the other hand, has four wheels and a sturdy platform and can move mountains. Well, not literally—but a dolly will make short work of a refrigerator, aquarium, or other unwieldy items in your home. 


Dollies and hand trucks can be used to move boxes, furniture, appliances—you name it. Our best tip is not to fear to load that suckers up. At Move and Care, we use a square-shaped, four-wheeled dolly to safely move a large number of boxes at once. We use metal extension bars to provide extra stability and create a guard rail for boxes to rest against. Loading a dolly or hand truck is a little like loading the moving truck: heavier boxes get stacked first, followed by lighter boxes on top. 

Take note, though, of the general stability of your stack of boxes before you try wheeling it away—if your items wobble while stationary, chances are they’ll topple right over when put in motion.


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