The biggest trick to know when it comes to moving furniture from one house to another? Things come apart. Ideally, you want them to come apart before you move, and not during the move—which is why we always recommend removing the legs from dining tables, desks, and any other large pieces of furniture before you try carrying them out of your house. 

Taking the legs off of furniture is simple—it usually only requires a screwdriver at most. Any resulting screws and attachments should be stored in a Ziploc bag and taped to the bottom of the table, desk, or what-have-you; this way, they don’t get lost during the move, and it’s clear after the fact which screws go with what furniture piece. Ditto for any assembly instructions you may have lying around. 


A legless dining table is approximately one hundred times easier to navigate out of a house than one with legs attached—corners and doorways are simple, and there’s no fear of breaking off a leg (or dinging drywall) when trying to coordinate movements. Deconstructed furniture is also easily packed into a moving truck, as tabletops and surfaces can be stacked up against each other and restrained for the drive. 


This brings us to a final tip: Moving blankets! Wrap your dining tabletop in a moving blanket and secure it with packing tape. This protects the table’s surface from scratches and nicks during the moving process and adds a protective layer of padding between furniture items in the truck.

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