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Discover comprehensive packing and moving services in Boston, coupled with top-notch supplies, ensuring a seamless, safe, and efficient relocation experience tailored to your needs.

Packing a home's treasures can often feel overwhelming. It's not just about boxing things up; it's about safeguarding memories. At Move and Care Moving Company, we recognize the importance of packing each item with precision. We know the challenges of finding the perfect balance between speed and safety when moving. This is why we proudly offer top-notch packing and relocation services in Boston.

In search of the ideal packing and moving team in Boston for your upcoming relocation? Your search ends with Move and Care Moving Company. We provide our esteemed packing services at competitive prices, be it for local moves, long-distance relocations, or office moves. We take pride in our ability to maintain organization and utmost protection for your valuables. The journey of relocation can become a breeze when you partner with the right team. Our dedicated professionals are not only trained but are also passionate about handling your cherished possessions with the respect they deserve!

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All types of services

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Licensed & Insured

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When you pick us, it's like giving your stuff to a close friend. We're not just a regular moving company in Boston; we're like your next-door helpers. Our services aren't generic; they're made to fit you just right, like a warm sweater on a cold Boston night.

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Packing Services in Boston at Your Doorstep

When you think of packing, it might seem straightforward – just putting items in a box, right? But there's an art and science to it, especially when ensuring the safety and organization of your cherished possessions. At Move and Care Moving Company, we've honed the craft of packing in Boston, transforming it from a mundane chore into a meticulous process that guarantees the best care for your items.

The Packing Process Demystified

Understanding & Evaluation: Before we begin, our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the items you need to pack. This isn't just about size or quantity, but understanding the sentimental and monetary value of each item. It helps us determine the right materials and techniques to use.

Selection of Materials: Based on our assessment, we choose the best packing materials. Delicate porcelain might require bubble wrap, while books need sturdy boxes that won’t bend under weight. Each item has its specific packing needs, and we ensure it gets just that.

Technique is Key: There's a technique to packing. How to place items, which ones to pack together, how to cushion them – all these decisions matter. Our team is trained to pack efficiently, ensuring safety while maximizing space.

Labeling and Organization: Knowing what's inside each box is crucial for both the unpacking phase and for ensuring delicate items are handled with extra care. Our labeling system is both systematic and intuitive, making the unpacking process smoother.

Final Checks: Before sealing any box, we conduct a final check. This is to ensure everything is in order, and there's no risk of damage during transit.

What is the cost of Packing Services in Boston?

In Boston, packing service costs can range from $90 to $220 per hour, depending on the volume and complexity of items. This rate generally includes labor and basic materials. However, special items like artwork or antiques may incur additional fees. To ensure cost-effectiveness, consider bundled services or request quotes from multiple providers to gauge the best deal for your requirements. Learn more about cost of Packers and Movers

Additionally we provide all types of storage solutions to help you relocate.

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Moving Supplies

We offer a full range of packing materials to protect your belongings during a move.
Not sure how many boxes or how much tape you’ll need? Our handy Care Packages come pre-filled with the necessities for any size home. 

Studio 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 3+ bedroom
Small boxes 10 15 20 25 25+
Medium boxes 5 7 10 15 15+
Large boxes 2 3 7 10 10+
Dish pack 0 3 5 5 5+
Tape 6 14 16 20 20+
Tape Packing paper 10 lb 0.5 0.5 1 1 1+
Price $150 $260 $385 $480 $480+
2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom
Small boxes 30 40 50
Medium boxes 20 30 40
Large boxes 10 15 20
Dish pack 6 8 10
Tape 20 25 30
Tape Packing paper 10 lb 1 2 2
Price $522 $758 $970
Small boxes $5
Medium boxes $6
Large boxes $7
Dish pack $10
Wardrobe box (with hanger) $25
Picture/mirror box $20
Tape $5
Tape Packing paper 10 lb $60

What you get by hiring Move and Care?

Truck loading and unloading
Loading and Unloading
We will load into the truck and unload at a new place all of your items.
Gas, Tolls
Our moving company rates include all the charges, no hidden fees.
Dedicated Manager
Dedicated Manager
Our deicated manager will walk you through the whole moving process.
Moving Delivery
Our Company makes sure all of your belongins are safe during delivery.
Moving Insurance
Moving Insurance
Insurance coverage help save your items from unexpected damages.
Moving Insurance
Assemble and Disassemble
We make sure your furniture is Assembled and Disassembled.
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Packing Packages

If you don't know how many boxes you need use our packing packages

Studio Qty Price
Small boxes 8 $40
Medium boxes 5 $30
Large boxes 3 $21
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 1 $25
Tape 6 $30
Packing paper 0.5 $35
Matress Cover 1 $10
Package Price $180
Small 1 bdr Qty Price
Small boxes 12 $60
Medium boxes 6 $36
Large boxes 5 $35
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 1 $25
Tape 8 $40
Packing paper 1 $70
Matress Cover 1 $10
Package Price $250
Large 1 bdr Qty Price
Small boxes 15 $75
Medium boxes 10 $60
Large boxes 5 $35
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 2 $50
Tape 10 $50
Packing paper 1 $70
Matress Cover 1 $10
Package Price $320
2 Bedroom Apt Qty Price
Small boxes 20 $100
Medium boxes 20 $120
Large boxes 10 $70
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 3 $75
Tape 15 $75
Packing paper 1 $70
Matress Cover 2 $20
Package Price $450

3 Bedroom Apt Qty Price
Small boxes 25 $125
Medium boxes 25 $150
Large boxes 15 $105
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 5 $125
Tape 20 $100
Packing paper 1.5 $105
Matress Cover 3 $30
Package Price $650
2 Bedroom House Qty Price
Small boxes 25 $125
Medium boxes 25 $150
Large boxes 15 $105
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 5 $125
Tape 20 $100
Packing paper 1.5 $105
Matress Cover 3 $30
Package Price $650
3 Bedroom House Qty Price
Small boxes 35 $175
Medium boxes 30 $180
Large boxes 20 $140
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 7 $175
Tape 30 $150
Packing paper 2 $140
Matress Cover 4 $40
Package Price $850
4 Bedroom House Qty Price
Small boxes 50 $250
Medium boxes 30 $180
Large boxes 25 $175
Wardrobe box (with hanger) 8 $200
Tape 45 $225
Packing paper 2 $140
Matress Cover 5 $50
Package Price $1,050

F.A.Q. about Packers and Movers

  • What is included in the rate?

    Our packing services rates include all other charges, no additional fees.

  • Are you licensed and Insured?

    Yes, Move and Care moving company is fully licensed and insured to provide moving and packing services.

  • What type of payment you accept?

    We accept all types of payment such as cash, card and certified check from the bank.

  • How to get a packing and moving quote?

    To get a packing and moving quote with Move and Care moving company you can simply call us or use our online quote form.

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