Tips on How to Move a Mattress


Ah, the mattress: that desperately cozy, hard-to-move piece of furniture that turns a lonely, empty room into your bedroom. Moving your mattress out of your home and into a new house can be a frustrating chore, but it doesn’t have to be—and you don’t have to risk dirt, grime, or tears during the process. 

We recommend using a mattress bag—with handles!—in order to make the mattress move as seamless as possible. While the “bag” part is pretty self-explanatory, in that it functions as a protective barrier between your sleeping surface and all other surfaces it may contact, handles allow you to get a grip on the mattress and make maneuvering downright simple. 


Remember that mattresses are one of those heavy items that should be packed into a moving truck first, so the good news is that you get the daunting mattress-moving portion of the project out of the way early. Once the mattress is on the truck, store it on its side in order to maximize the remaining truck space.

Move and Care sells all the moving supplies you need in order to cleanly and efficiently move your mattress—and we’ve got some muscle to boot. If you need help moving a mattress, the rest of the bedroom, or the rest of the house, we’ve got your back. Reach out today for a quote.

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