Don't be a Moving Martyr


There’s a time and a place for stoicism. Enduring pain without showing outward distress can be a skill—but that’s a philosophical debate best left for another time and symposium. What’s not up for debate is the value of a shared workload and competent teammates when you’re trying to move house. Carrying furniture and lifting boxes is not a matter to handle alone. 


We’re a moving company, so let’s be real—we’re going to recommend that you hire professionals (us) to help you move your boxes and furniture. We’ve got an experienced crew, have practiced the right techniques, and bring with us an arsenal of moving equipment to make the job faster and safer. If, however, you elect to go it alone, at least enlist some strong friends to help you. Engage your core, lift with your legs, and always be aware of your physical limits. 

Final pro-tip? After everything’s packed in the moving truck, pizza or doughnuts go a long way towards properly thanking your buddies for their help.

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