Packing Your Wardrobe During a Move


Psst—want to know a secret? Cardboard boxes are not created equal. There are all sorts of specialty moving supplies that you might not know existed, especially if you haven’t moved house before. One nifty item that we like to recommend is the under-utilized garment box, also called a wardrobe box. 


These heavy-duty boxes come with horizontal rods and function like a portable armoire. Simply pull your clothes (hangers and all) out of your closet and hang them in the box for the move. Once you’re at your new place, all you need to do is pop the hangers back in the closet et voilà—your suits, linen items, ball gowns, what-have-you, have traveled hundreds of miles and are none the wiser (and not a wrinkle in sight). Plus, it saves you the trouble of packing and untangling coat hangers (and yeah, that’s not a dealbreaker, but let’s be honest—who wants that headache when it can be easily avoided?). 

Move and Care sells competitively-priced garment boxes, packing tape, mattress bags, and all sorts of neat packing supplies to make your move as simple as possible. Clotheshorses, take note: The right equipment makes quick work of even the most elaborate closet.

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