Where to buy packing boxes for moving?

When you decide to move you will need to get through a few steps to prepare. One of these steps is packing all your items into boxes. So here we come to the question of where to get packing boxes.
There are a lot of places where you can buy moving boxes, some of them are cheaper, and some are more expensive. Here we will try to show you all the options you may have on getting moving boxes and other packing supplies to pack your items for an upcoming move.

Online Store

One of the most popular and convenient ways to get moving boxes is to order them online. There are a few stores such as Amazon where you can order moving boxes online for your upcoming move and get them delivered. There are different brands and box sizes you can choose from, but the price is not the lowest. Plus it will take some time to get them delivered to you.

The average price for a small moving Box - $2.5 - delivered to you (delivery fee may be additionally)

Large Hardware Stores

Another option and probably one of the cheapest is to go to offline stores like Home Depot, Uhaul, Lowe's, and others to buy moving boxes and other packing supplies. This option is a great way to get as many boxes as you need right away in the store and drive home to pack them right away.

The average price for a small moving box - $1.5 - pickup yourself

Your Local Moving Provider

If you hire movers for your upcoming move you definitely have to ask them about packing services and moving kits. Some companies even provide free boxes. For example, we here at Move and Care provide our customers not only with moving and packing services but also with packing packages that include small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, packing tape, wardrobe moving boxes, and packing paper or bubble wrap. And the price is the most convenient. You also can purchase all those packing supplies separately.

The average price for a small moving box - $3.5 - delivered to you (delivery fee included)

Local Hardware Store

One of the most expensive ways to get moving boxes and other packing supplies is to go to your local hardware store. The price for moving boxes is way higher than anybody else, so we suggest you use this option only if needed.

The average price for a small moving box - $6 - pickup yourself

There is also always a problem in understanding how many moving boxes you would need for your upcoming move. You can learn more information about the moving supplies prices and other information on our moving and packing page.

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