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Move and Care professional movers will handle your move from Boston to New York with ease. Five-star rated company with years of experience in relocation from Boston to NYC.

Moving to a new city or country is an overwhelming process. As a moving company, we understand the nuances of long-distance moving. We strive to provide the best professional moving service from Boston to New York

Move and Care Movers are always ready to help you. We work with a large network of professionals and each one of them does exceptional work. Keeping in mind the requirements of clients, we also offer a one-day delivery option whenever needed. However, the charges for one-day delivery are slightly higher than the original price. The easiest way to get an estimate is to use our moving calculator to get a quote online.

We have been operating in this field for years and have worked with enough clients to know what they want. Clients rely on us because of the following reasons:

  • Quality moving service

  • Affordable rates and discounts

  • Free estimates

  • Great Customer Service
Movers from Boston to New York
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All types of moving services

All types of services

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Licensed & Insured

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Always on time

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Professional Crew

Movers from Boston to New York
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Moving Boston To NYC

Hiring us means, we will take of the entire moving process on your behalf. We assign only the best movers for a move from Boston to NY to handle the moving process. 

Our Boston movers will pick up all your belongings the day before the actual delivery and store them in our secured parking lot. Our usual loading time in Boston is either 8 am or anytime between 1 pm to 3 pm. We can also deliver your stuff to any part of New York you want us to. 

All your belongings will be delivered the next day between 7 am – 9 am, depending on your availability.

You should be content to know that Move and Care Moving Company is fully licensed to provide long-distance moving services and follow all the guidance from the Department of Transportation.

Moving New York to Boston 

When moving from New York to Boston, we offer same-day delivery to our clients. Move and Care New York movers will arrive at your place in NYC and pick everything up between 7 am and 9 am. They will take the loaded truck to Boston or any other area around it and unload your belongings the same day. 

It takes around 4 hours excluding traffic time to drive from New York to Boston. Please note that during relocation we drive our moving truck slowly on a highway.

As a leading moving company for a Boston to New York move, we strive to fulfill the demands of our clients. Every day hundreds of people move from both places. We understand New York is an important city and there should be a way to connect them.

We are always trying to make the moving process from Boston to New York smooth and hassle-free. Our goal is to transport your belongings to your new address in less possible time. This is why we make it a point to drive at night, so we can avoid the time lost due to traffic. At the same time, we also take responsibility for your belongings.

Additional Services

Move and Care moving company provides additional services for your Boston to New York moves such as packing and storage. Request any of these services and our manager will walk you through the prices and answer all of your questions.
We have a variety of moving trucks that can handle any type of work from simple residential moves to large commercial moves.

We are a fully licensed and insured moving company. If needed, we also provide COI. If you are looking for a reliable moving company, we are here to help you.

What is the cost of Moving from Boston to New York?

When moving to New York from Boston you have to understand what you are paying for. At Move and Care, we make sure you know every penny you are paying for your move. For a one-bedroom apartment to move from Boston to New York you will have to pay around $1800. This flat rate includes all charges such as truck, tolls, and gas, a couple of professional movers, protection materials for your furniture, and more. Contact us to get a more precise quote for your move

What you get by hiring Move and Care?

Truck loading and unloading
Loading and Unloading
We will load into the truck and unload at a new place all of your items.
Gas, Tolls
Our moving company rates include all the charges, no hidden fees.
Dedicated Manager
Dedicated Manager
Our deicated manager will walk you through the whole moving process.
Moving Delivery
Our Company makes sure all of your belongins are safe during delivery.
Moving Insurance
Moving Insurance
Insurance coverage help save your items from unexpected damages.
Moving Insurance
Assemble and Disassemble
We make sure your furniture is Assembled and Disassembled.
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F.A.Q. about Movers from Boston to New York

  • What is included in the rate?

    Our long distance moving rates from Boston to New York include all other charges, such as tolls, gas, truck, labor, wrapping materials no additional fees.

  • Are you licensed and Insured?

    Yes, Move and Care moving company is fully licensed and insured to provide moving from Boston to New York

  • What type of payment you accept?

    For moving from Boston to New York we accept cash, credit card and certified check from the bank.

  • How to get a Quote?

    To get a moving quote for a move from Boston to New York contact us.

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