So: You’ve got your life packed up in boxes, and an empty new home waiting to be filled with your stuff. Now, you just have to get all those boxes and furniture items from point A to point B. Easy, right? Not always—but knowing how to pack a moving truck makes the process a whole lot easier. 

It’s pretty intuitive, but we’ll put it out there just in case the packing process has taken a mental toll: When packing the truck, pack it like a grocery bag. You wouldn’t put the eggs and hot dog buns at the bottom of the shopping bag, right? At least, you wouldn’t a second time. Spare your belongings the potential breaking and crushing, and do it right the first time: Put heavy furniture and boxes onto the truck first, then add the lighter stuff. 


Another major reason to load all the biggest, heaviest furniture first? It helps distribute weight in the truck for a safer, more efficient drive. All the really heavy stuff should be way at the back, closest to the truck’s cab, and furthest from the truck’s loading door when you open it up again. This approach also makes heavy furniture less likely to shift around during the drive. 

Once all your bulkiest, heaviest things are in the truck (and tightly arranged), move on to adding medium-weight boxes and other lighter items. Place them on top of your heavy furniture; tucking them in and around heavier things is a sure-fire way to get crushed in transit. 


Lastly; don’t try to do all this heavy lifting and repetition yourself. It’ll go faster and easier with friends, family, people who owe you a favor, or better yet—a professional moving crew.

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