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Don't let the stress of interstate moving get you down! We're here to help. Our professional and experienced movers will take care of all your items so that they arrive safely at their destination in Washington DC from Boston, even packing services if needed for a smooth transition. You'll have more time than ever before while we handle everything else - it's just too easy!

What to know before moving to Washington DC from Boston

You're moving soon and you would like to save time, money, and energy. As a result of your careful planning with our experienced team's help, we can get the job done for an affordable price that is well worth it!

You'll be able to focus on other things knowing that all those boxes containing memories are safely tucked away in storage waiting patiently until they find their way home again someday or relocate right away to your destination in Washington DC.

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How does the moving process work?

Moving from Boston to Washington DC? You'll be glad you called the pros. We're experts in this field and have been for years! In just 5 minutes, we can provide you with an estimated quote - no need for any visual estimate required. Now that's something awesome about our service!

Moving is a stressful process so many people don't want to move until they absolutely must or are forced by circumstance such as being fired without getting another job lined up first. But there’s one problem: moving costs money, time (which means fewer days of work!), energy...you name it-and if done incorrectly it may result in misplaced items which then require additional travel expenses traveling back through all those states again because your car broke down. With Move and Care, you won't have to worry about these things. Our professional crew will take care of everything to make sure your goes smooth.

How much does it cost to move from Boston to Washington DC?

Move and Care provides flat rates for a move to Washington DC which includes all charges such tolls, gas protection materials and etc. No hidden fees. The average flat rate to move to Washington Dc from Boston is around $3000 for a one-bedroom apartment.

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Katie S.

Good Experience

We used Move & Care for two moves 14 months apart from one another, and both times, we had good experiences.

Jason P.


They are some of the friendliest and professional people I ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They are very organized and very efficient.

Xin Z.


Alex and Vlad were very experienced and professional. Especially, very friendly. I am very glad I had them to help me move.